PT. Sumbertex is a manufacturing company that produces HDPE Plastic Rope. Founded in 1962 and began operating in the same year.

In the beginning, PT. Sumbertex manufactures Cotton Textile products. But in 1975, seeing the HDPE plastic industry market opportunity, PT. Sumbertex turns its production into HDPE plastic products. The first plastic product produced was the Fishing Net. Furthermore, in 1992 PT. Sumbertex also produced Plastic Rope with a production capacity of 120 MT per year. Fishing Net products are manufactured until 2014, while Plastic Rope products are still being produced until now.

Now PT. Sumbertex is one of the largest Plastic Rope producers in Indonesia with a production capacity of 2,400 MT per year.

Plastic Rope Products of PT. Sumbertex is marketed under the Rido brand. Rido customers in particular are Fishery Business, Plantation Business, Construction Business and Household throughout Indonesia, especially Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.